Child and Youth
Care Centre

Child and Youth Care Centre 'Goeie Hoop' is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre located at the foot of the Hottentots-Holland mountains. We are registered by the South African Government (Department of Social Development of the Western Cape) providing safe care to children in need of care and protection. We host children between the ages of 2 and 18 years in six family units with two Child and Youth Care Workers who work according to shift schedules. In each family unit, we have eight children who are in the same developmental phase.

Like any other has the hope gave up

We stand for the safety, quality and development of each child in our care.
The centre is named after the famous 'Cape of Good Hope'. Through the
unique programs and therapies we have, we provide children coming from
different backgrounds and home circumstances to heal, grow and develop
according to their full potential.

"Goeie Hoop" can accommodate 45 children and is mostly full to capacity
which demonstrates the need and cry for help from our children.

Officially recognized

Loving Together

Close-knit Team

You can join our team!

Goeie Hoop was founded in January 2007 by Erwin and Ida Born and they are at the General Managers. Since 2019 Herlene Petersen is our dedicated Facility Manager.

A motivated team is standing behind them and together they stand for the same vision and mission.

Will you help?


It would be great if you want to conduct ACTION for the children of Goeie Hoop. Especially for schools, Goeie Hoop is a goal that appeals to children.

Mail for a presentation, showing the Goeie Hoop film or action goals to

Sponsor plan

Children with trauma stay in our crisis shelter. This can be through rape, murder, assault, abandonment, illness, violence and addiction.

Help them to be a child again and become a Sponsor!

Mail to for more information and bank authorization.


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Op de top van de Tafelberg


Mourning and coping together ...


Boring wall becomes true work of art!

About Goeie Hoop

Many children live in difficult situations at home. They are therefore temporary removed by external Social Workers from their circumstances, because it is not in the interest of the child to stay in this situation. Sometimes the mother is unable to take care of herself. Some children are already rejected in the belly by their mother. Others have a difficult life to live, through hunger, neglect, domestic violence, abuse or abuse. Even if the home situation is difficult, the separation between child and biological parents is always a breaking point in life and also a traumatic experience for a child.