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  • Youth care center

    Youth care workers play an important role in the lives of the children. They are involved day and night and therefore important when it comes to reporting and assessment.

    The social workers of Goeie Hoop are responsible for assessing the children in order to get a clear picture of their background, situation and development.

    The social workers, youth care workers, pedagogical and medical staff jointly draw up an individual development plan for the children. As a result of this IDP, a suitable follow-up project is being considered. This can be family reunification, placement in a foster family, closed institution, shelter for addicts, etc.

    Some children are so traumatized that they need targeted therapy. Goeie Hoop uses (free) therapists when it comes to therapy for sexual abuse.

    For all other trauma and resulting behavioral problems, our social workers offer individual and group sessions, counseling and play therapy.

    In the morning, the toddlers and pre-schoolers are kept busy in the Goeie Hoop nursery, where they are prepared for regular education.

    Homeschooling is offered for the children who cannot go to school. This mainly concerns children who have not been to school for years and are therefore significantly behind, or who are unable to join normal education because of their serious behavioral problems.

    To make the children more resistant to the temptations they will face again one day, the youth care workers offer life skills lessons in groups. The children themselves bring up the topics they have difficulty with or would like to know more about. As; alcohol and drug use, gangster gangs, teenage pregnancies, bullying at school, how to make friends, what happens in your body when you are angry or sad etc.

    South Africa has several national holidays. These days are celebrated traditionally as much as possible, whereby all children and staff are assigned a role.

    Goeie Hoop has various playing grounds, including a football field and an obstacle course.

    Since December 2016, Goeie Hoop has its own swimming pool. Although Goeie Hoop is located a 7-minute drive from the beach, there is still a risk of losing children on a crowded beach. Also because of the runaway behavior of the teenagers, it is safer to provide cooling on the site.

    The children can also lose their energy in the vegetable garden of Goeie Hoop. Caring for and making hands dirty has a therapeutic effect and is healing. Likewise taking care of the chickens.

    The "big barn" with its stage, sound system and space to accommodate a large group of people is popular for music and drama. We also hold a Bible club for the children here every week and there are crafts, table tennis, bingo evenings or a nice movie.