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  • Disabled day center

    Construction of the Day Care Center for the Handicapped

    With the daily help of Child and Youth Care Workers, social workers, a driver and a team of short and long-term volunteers, Goeie Hoop has grown into a healthy functioning Crisis Shelter in which professional care in a loving environment is of paramount importance.

    Our strategy is to continue to grow and multiply the "formula".

    After visiting other projects, discussions with the local government and research, we decided to commit to setting up a new Day Care Center for the disabled (CCDC). At the moment, the available capacity for the care of disabled people in the wider region is minimal. There are 2 similar projects that are both full, of which 1 project for adults with disabilities. Many children are therefore forced to stay at home.

    In addition to the current project, a building plot has been donated where we hope to realize the project.

    Disabled people can be divided into 2 groups; severely (severe) and slightly (mildly) disabled. According to the Department of Social Department (DSD), there is an equal need for reception in the region for both groups. To make a choice from these 2 groups, considerations can be made on the basis of "advantages" and "disadvantages".

    We strive to provide care for both groups of children.

    Description of the building to be realized:

    The building consists of 6 large classrooms, each with its own toilet and washing facilities.


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