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  • Hope Kids

    Our first teen club is a fact! And of course we are a bit proud of that. We are very grateful that we can organize something in this way for the teenagers in the townships. Temptations come into play in all sorts of ways; drugs, violence but also gangster gangs.

    At a certain point the children are too old to go to the Kids Club and there is a great risk of losing sight of them. For these young people there is really nothing to do in the townships and that makes them bored, so that the temptation to make wrong choices is great.

    There is a lot going on in teenagers. That is why we let them choose the topics themselves for the coming period. Topics such as being afraid, biblical heroes, who is God and going to church. They can also choose the (sporting) activity themselves. In this way everyone is involved in the club. It is of course very cool to do beautiful and fun things with the young people, but our goal is that they become stronger in their shoes and that they become more and more rooted in Christ and grow in their faith. By praying, reading the Bible, confessing their sins every day, testifying of their faith, and going to church. These points are therefore central. Teens want to belong. What could be better if young people want to be part of a Goeie Hoop Club? How special it is that these young people come up with their questions and then search for answers together.