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  • Sponsor plan

    Goeie Hoop is registered as a Child and Youth Care Center for crisis relief and long-term care when children have nowhere else to go. Goeie Hoop is used to provide a safe place for the most traumatized and damaged children. This includes serious behavioral problem children who have nowhere else to go.

    Caring for these types of children requires qualified personnel and high safety standards. This is precious.

    Goeie Hoop receives a 40% subsidy from the South African Government. For the remaining 60%, Goeie Hoop depends on gifts and donations.

    Financial adoption is one of the concrete ways of helping the children. This means that you transfer 30 euros (target amount) per month to Stichting Goeie Hoop. This way you contribute financially to the help of the children who live in the Goeie Hoop house. The money is spent on: housing, food, clothing, education, medical care and guidance (therapy) for the children.

    Can you "choose" a sponsor child yourself?

    Goeie Hoop has opted for "family sponsorship". This means that you sponsor 8 children who live together as a "family" with their 2 youth care workers. We prevent one child from receiving more mail or gifts from sponsors than the other child. We also give you the opportunity to empathize with a group of children who, because they grow up together, are strongly connected with each other. You can read and see this in the stories and photos that we send you as a sponsor. Many children are eventually placed with Goeie Hoop for a longer period by the judge. Often because they have nowhere else to go, but also because Goeie Hoop has access to qualified staff, including its own counselor and play therapist, and it is not in the interest of the child to another children's home. As a sponsor you can therefore follow the development of "your children" over a longer period of time.

    You can choose from the following "families":

    Babies 0-4
    Toddlers 4-6
    Girls 7-12
    Boys 7-11
    Boys 12-18

    As a sponsor you can also send mail. The address is:

    CYCC "Good Hope" - Postnet Suite 80
    Private Bag X4
    Gordon's Bay 7150
    South Africa
    Attn. ("Type of family")

    We know how important it is for a sponsor to build a "bond" through mail exchange. That is why you will receive a story and photos of your "family" twice a year and a summer and winter edition of our colorful magazine Goeie Hoop with many stories and background information.

    The children use aliases and of course we protect their privacy.

    Because you send mail to the whole family, a child is never left out and the "house mothers" are also encouraged in their responsible tasks. You, as a sponsor, are important to the children and their "house mothers." Knowing that people care about them gives them courage and hope. We look forward to decorating the living rooms with your mail. It is also important that children share mail and gifts. They thus take an important step in their development; caring about others!

    Would you like to become a sponsor?

    Then you can indicate this to Fam. J. Meijer. Tel: 0318 514404 or send an email to:

    State which "family" you prefer.

    Sponsoring Children's Bible Clubs

    Every week Goeie Hoop holds Children's Bible Clubs in the Townships where children grow up under extremely difficult circumstances. See for more information under the heading "Good Hope".

    You can also sponsor the Children's Bible Clubs. This is a great destination, especially for Sunday Schools and Schools.

    Would you like to become a sponsor of the Children's Bible Clubs?

    Then you can indicate this to Fam. J. Meijer. Tel: 0318 514404 or send an email to:

    Please state that you wish to sponsor the Children's Bible Clubs.

    If you want to make a donation for Goeie Hoop, you can transfer it to Rabobank account no. NL15RABO 0134488830 to the name of Goeie Hoop Foundation in Ederveen.
    Gifts to Goeie Hoop are ANBI deductible.