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  • Gifts of Hope

    In 2013, "Goeie Hoop" started an employment project "Gifts of Hope" for unemployed and underprivileged women from the Townships. Until the end of 2018, different groups of women participated in this project and learned to make products to support their families. For several women, 'Gifts of Hope' was a stepping stone to permanent employment.

    Not only did it provide them with income, it was also a social event. The women met at 'Goeie Hoop' and the attention and love they received there was healing and uplifting. There was room for discussion and encouragement. It changed the women. They regained confidence, hope and joy.

    The products of "Gifts of Hope" are still sold in the Netherlands through markets and at promotions such as concerts, sales and the like. The proceeds of this will go entirely to our Children's Home "Goeie Hoop".

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    The living environment of the women

    The women at work