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  • History

    'Goeie Hoop' was founded in 2007 by the Dutch couple Edwin and Ida Born.

    In January 2007 they emigrated with their 3 children to South Africa to work for children in need from the townships around Cape Town. Their own family now has 4 children and the oldest has been living in the Netherlands for 4 years to study. Erwin and Ida are, as managers, responsible for the 'Goeie Hoop' project, including the child and youth care center 'Goeie Hoop' with room for 50 children.

    For whom does 'Goeie Hoop' offer a safe place?

    Especially in the townships of South Africa, many children live in dire home situations. They have been exposed to hunger, neglect, violence, maltreatment and (sexual) abuse. When a child's life is in danger, it is taken away from the parents or guardians and a safe place must be found that same day.

    What does Goeie Hoop offer?

    The child and youth care center 'Goeie Hoop' comprises, in addition to a main building, six houses with eight children each and two South African youth care workers who work in shifts.

    'Goeie Hoop' offers crisis shelter for 3-6 months and long-term care for children who have no other home than Goeie Hoop. Our social worker performs an assessment on these children and individual development plans are drawn up in collaboration with the youth care workers, therapist, nurse and teacher. In this plan goals are set and an appropriate follow-up process is considered. This can mean foster care and in some cases return to parents or family.

    Because we know that after a while most children will return to the townships with its temptations, the youth care workers give life skills lessons in groups. We teach them the dangers of drugs, alcohol and discuss issues surrounding sexuality, including teenage pregnancy. In addition to all obligations, there is plenty of room for relaxation and fun activities in a homely atmosphere.

    All children have the right to education and that is why 'Goeie Hoop' pays a lot of attention to school matters. Kristine Burgwal, with her background as a teacher, is in charge of school affairs and the Children's Bible Clubs. The Dutch volunteers who come to help for 6 months, assist at the crèche and offer homeschooling to the children who are unable to go to school for whatever reason. They also supervise the homework of the school-going children, organize activities and help with the Children's Bible Clubs.

    'Goeie Hoop' heeft een motto:

    Impossible is not a word that holds any meaning in this house. We have the ability to make things happen. We have a 'can do attitude'.

    Gebaseerd op Matth. 19:26 'Maar vir God is alles moontlik' (Afrikaans)