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  • Adoptieouders voor Z. en I.

    Bijzonder hoe de adoptiemoeder van Z. en I. ons een blik gunt in haar hart en haar dagboek wil delen met ons.

    ….Our big event for today was visiting Goeie Hoop, the home that the kids have been staying in this year. We were throwing a party for the kids there (about 30 of them) and the house moms has to say a final goodbye to all of them. Our two little ones have been loved well. The home is run by a couple from the Netherlands- they came 7 years ago. The property is absolutely beautiful…and so are the children. We were overwhelmed, to say the least. One little girl brought our little one a present- an orange…be still my heart! Sweet pictures and notes of love were also given to us to place in a scrapbook that they made our kids to have so they’ll always remember their time there.

    The GH children prepared songs to sing for our kids. As they sang “Our God is greater, our God is stronger…And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?…”, I seriously thought I was going to turn into a puddle on the ground. There’s something gut wrenching about seeing 2-16 year olds sing those words when their very life, future and existence depends on Him being true and trustworthy. I was so overwhelmed. I was so grateful that I’m addicted to my sunglasses because they were covering my crying eyes as I watched these orphans and so long to see all of them in family.

    My husband had a chance to pray over all of the kids at Goeie Hoop. And it was precious. ”God, You have good plans for all of these children. You love them. You see them. And they are Yours…” My word, if we’ve ever believed that God is HOPE, we do now. He is the light of the world. He is the hope for the soul. He is deliverance to the captive. He is a Father to the fatherless…and He does not leave us wanting. We are trusting Him to be strong in the 30 kids lives that we encountered today. In particular, a 13 year old boy that my boys bonded with quite quickly. Seriously, I wish I could bring 3 kids home. All of us cried the whole way back to the flat. Well, not the two youngest ones…which is why our car ride was practically silent so that we didn’t choke out words and upset them.

    Our God is faithful. He will provide!